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The astounding maturity of our health care services tells of a past of individuals who collaborated to create a team for the alleviation of suffering from illness and disease. Today, people don’t need to stay in health institutions to be treated safely. You can remain in your homes and have access to medical assistance which is at par with the quality of healthcare throughout the state of Ohio.

old woman with her caregiverOptima Home Health Services LLC takes a client-centered approach. We crafted a flexible set of services to address the ever changing needs of individuals who may have a disability or disease. We stand beside families who insist that their loved ones need not to be treated elsewhere but their homes. Our respect to human dignity is a constant strand of the quality of our assistance.

We deliver quality home health right in your home. Open your doors to our loving caregivers today. For more details about Optima Home Health Services, please call us at – 614-861-2727.


5979 E Livingston Avenue, Suite 107 Columbus, OH 43232
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614-861-2727 614-861-2728 After Hours No. 614-373-7792
Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm


Areas Covered 1. Franklin 2. Delaware 3. Fairfield 4. Pickaway 5. Ross 6. Fayette 7. Highland 8. Clinton 9. Champaign

Testimonials from CLIENTS

I am very pleased with the quality of care that Optima Home Health Services offers. I highly recommend this company to my friends and my previous colleagues. I thank their staff for their kindness and empathy.

Mrs. Siene
Old man with his caregiver
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